«We cannot stop the sands of time but we can slow down the aging process as naturally and individually as possible. With our products, we want to make sure that you look your best self at any age, no matter which needs your skin has.» – Dr. Liv

Dr. Liv Clinic

Located in the heart of Zurich’s old town, Dr. Liv has her very own beauty clinic where she shows patients how to take care of their skin and helps them find the right treatment for it. With her personalized skin analysis, she can tell patients exactly which skincare ingredients their skin needs to continue doing its amazing job.

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To the Clinic

More than just products, here’s why:

science based

Sadly, magic does not exist, but we find that science is a pretty amazing substitute. So, we always make sure that everything we create or produce is backed by science.

Cruelty FreE

We love animals and would never use them to test our products. All our products are cruelty-free.


To us, animals are furry friends, and we would never hurt or exploit our friends. That’s why all our products are vegan.

Swiss Made

We’re Swiss through and through with all the watch, chocolate, cheese, cow, or any other cliché you can come up with.

Products inspired by people’s needs

Listening to patients’ problems in her clinc, Dr. Liv felt that it was high time that someone came up with simple and feasible solutions, and since none of the big budget, corporate brands stepped forward, she decided to do it herself. Using her years of experience treating patients, she developed products that target specific skin needs and are easy to use so that they fit even into the busiest of lifestyles.